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Dave Edwards

Managing Director

Dave is the founder of Litmus Advisory, establishing the business in 2004 and building on 16 years experience in Asset Based Lending. Dave started in the industry with Credit Factoring International (later Lombard NatWest) in 1988, running the Southern sales team from 1995 onwards. Dave also won the Chief Executive’s Award for Product Development for Committed Invoice Discounting in 1997, having worked extensively alongside Private Equity, funding buyouts using ABL – a considerable rarity at the time. Dave was hired by GE Capital in 2000 to launch their big ticket ABL offering in the UK.

Dave then conceived the idea of an Asset based Lending Advisory business with Postern Executive Group in 2003, launching in 2004, rebranding to Litmus in 2005 and then buying the business from Postern in 2009 with Andy and Nick.

Dave is involved in every Litmus assignment, predominantly in initial scoping, structuring and closing.


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